Change 1961

In collaboration with Eastside Golf for Jordan Brand, "Change 1961" is a 2-3 minute mini-documentary highlighting the pivotal year the PGA lifted its ban on non-white players and igniting a revolution that would change the sport of golf forever. A teaser and short film set the tone for a series of campaign efforts including the inaugural Eastside Golf Invitational with Mercedes Benz, Change 1961 apparel collection, and HBCU team sponsorships in honor of bringing more diversity to the game today.

Client: Eastside Golf x Unsurfaced

Role: Animation Direction, Design, Storyboarding, Animation, Post-Production


Animation Direction: Mike Healey

Writer/Producer: Johnnie Lovett

Writer/Director: Joshua Gadson

Executive Director, Assemble: Devin DIsmang

Editor: Devin Dismang

Design: Podenco

Animation: Pavelas Laptevas and //kneeon